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Daddy Doms who Spank…

“Gavin, you sound so serious. Lighten up a little,” I reached up and playfully cuffed his chin. He grabbed my wrist firmly in his hand, and scraped my knuckles with his teeth.
Gavin: 1 Ariana: 0.
It was hard enough to cause a little bit of pain, which my brain interpreted as pure pleasure.
I wanted him to bite me everywhere.
“Gavin what are you talking about, I can’t concentrate when you do things like that.”
“Do you know what a Dom is?”
It wasn’t my most delicate moment, but I did a spit take with my coffee that sprayed across the table.
“A what?”
“Lower your voice, Ariana. Please.”
“No, it’s okay, it’s not your fault, it’s the Devil’s Clover making you uninhibited like this. I don’t mind, it’s just… we’re not in a private setting.”
“Well, what did you want to tell me?”
“Ariana, I’m a Dom. I like to control my women for pleasure. And right now, there’s only one female that I am thinking about dominating.”
I think I must have gulped. He handed me a glass of water and I took some sips. I could feel my eyes open wide in surprise. Should I tell him that I had once had a Dom and that I loved being a submissive and that his very words were turning me on to no end right now?
“Gavin, it’s not like just because I live in this remote place, I don’t have access to information. I am well aware of what a Dom is, okay?”
“Did you ever want to be dominated?”
He stared at me.
Thank God for the clover tea, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to talk to Gavin about these things outright. It could have been an awkward, bumpy road from childhood friend to sex partner, but like I said, I just felt warm, safe and protected like there was nothing in the world I couldn’t do.
“Well Gavin, I hope that this doesn’t make you think differently about me, but Seth and I… Well, when we were a couple, he, liked to dominate me.”
Gavin crumpled up his napkin in his fist and then started ripping it into small pieces.
“And, did you…did you enjoy it? What he did to you?” He gritted his teeth when he asked this question.
“Well, what I learned was that it’s in my nature to be obedient in the bedroom. It took me a while to understand that. At first I thought it would be impossible for a strong willed person such as myself to enjoy being a subservient to a partner. Eventually, I learned that Seth didn’t deserve my respect and that I couldn’t submit to someone who didn’t deserve it. I also learned that my body responded to being commanded in an unexpected and welcome way.
Let’s not talk about anyone else but you and me right now, Gavin. I know that I want to take off my clothes for you. I would love to do what you say.
I would love to follow your orders, and I would love to disobey you so that you can spank me and whip me and make me be a good girl again.”
This time it was Gavin who had to swallow his coffee back down, so that he didn’t spit it out. I took my finger and traced the line of his jaw and then swooped up to trace the outline of his lips.
I could see his Adam’s apple move up and down.
“What other questions do you have about dominating me?” I asked.
“Oh God,” he said.
I brazenly looked down at his lap, not able to help myself, and was very pleased by the more than substantial bulge that I saw there.
It was like I was looking down on myself and watching me behave this way. I wasn’t typically so outspoken. People even accused me of being reserved. It had to be the tea.
“What do you like your women to call you, Gavin?”
“Fuck, Ariana, stop it. You’re killing me.”
I picked up my donut and started licking the frosting off of the top. Gavin’s eyes were locked on my mouth.
He spun around as he sensed the waitress behind us, “check please!” he said and raised his hand in the air.
After paying he gripped my elbow in his hand, placed his other hand on my lower back right above my ass and lead me outside. He opened the passenger door for me, picked me up and set me inside, leaned down to kiss me and grabbed one of my breasts in each of his hands.
“Oh mercy,” I said, as he started to pinch my nipples between his fingers and roll them back and forth. I had a flimsy tank top on beneath my puffy down jacket with no bra. “Gavin. Someone’s going to see us,” I whispered. I pushed him away and watched as he shook the sanity back into his head. 

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