Biggest Sale Ever on a verrrrrrrry, erm, "gifted" Mafia Daddy

Biggest Sale Ever on a verrrrrrrry, erm, "gifted" Mafia Daddy

Obsessive Thirst is a stand alone book and does not have to be read in order. This chapter begins after Tessa accidentally walks in on Enzo, ahem, taking care of himself.

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Enzo’s erection made me realize I’d been flying economy class my entire life.

It was the kind of hard-on you saw in porn movies and wondered if special effects were involved. God had sized his penis for an ovulating pachyderm instead of a homo sapien female.

No way would that thing ever fit.

Then he started really jacking it, his face pinched in an expression that looked like agony, and a torment I wished to relieve for him. More than anything, I needed to pull him into the bedroom and help to ease his pain.

Instead, I froze in place, waiting to see the grand finale in the same way onlookers in Yellowstone await Old Faithful’s gush.

Enzo’s orgasm was particularly fulfilling. His creamy cum shot out of the tip like a fire hose, landing on the mirror in front of him with a liquid splat, spraying the sink, and enough left over to coat his hand with the milky stuff.

The biggest turn-on of all came before the climax.

He saw me staring at him—and he didn’t stop. His strong, massive-knuckled grip pulled his shaft down to reveal the beautiful pre-cum slicked head while he stared at me in the mirror.

Uncertain if it was a challenge, or a dare, I couldn’t walk away. I only met his eyes for a second.

No way I was missing this show.

It was an act that didn’t disappoint, but when he slumped against the counter, huffing like an angry bull in the aftermath of his orgasm, I wanted him to keep going.

Observing him burned an uncomfortable heat between my legs. I had to shift on my feet, trying to make the sexed-up feelings go away.

That’s when I came out of my baby-maker stupor (it was still unfathomably large in its state of rest) and noticed his leg, or rather, his lack of leg.

Enzo stood on one lower limb, his other missing in action. It might seem strange, but the revelation made me shyer than walking in on his jack off session.

How could my father’s best friend be sans a limb without me knowing about it?

Unthinking I blurted, “What happened to your leg?”

“Tessa, what are you doing in here? I thought you were asleep.” He started scrubbing his hands under the water and I checked out the flex and tautening of his gluteus maximus and beyond. No denying this Drago was one fine specimen of a man. And obviously, I needed to get laid.

“Sorry I walked in on you.” Note to self, I wasn’t leaving. “Does it hurt?”

He caught my eyes in the mirror, absently wiping his direct hit off with a tissue, and stated, “Yes.” His gaze practically smoked, so molten was his stare. “You want to kiss it and make it all better?”

His words set my body on fire with pleasure and left ashes of desire and longing in their wake. For the first time, Enzo Drago suggested something to me which went outside the boundaries of appropriate, polite behavior. As if he thought of me sexually.

I was sick and tired of him treating me with kid gloves, ever the considerate, diligent guardian. How could I get him to use me and abuse me in the same way I dreamed about?

His body was made to ravish. Huge, muscled ropes covered every square inch of him.

What was it like to be at the mercy of that strength? I’d been waiting forever to find out and now, my wish was coming true. I had to wonder, was it the flogging incident that set him off?

What dirty thoughts compelled him to head to his bathroom and wrap his hands around his erection while thinking of me?

“And what if I don’t?” I asked. “What are you going to do?” I turned my tush towards him and stuck it out. “Spank me, again?”

It was my first time seeing a one-legged man naked. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. He certainly didn’t appear any less of a man without it. He was still the same larger-than-life gladiator that haunted my dreams since I met him. When he was overseas, there was no other way to be with him than conjure him in my sleep.

During that time Bobby came into my world, and I told myself it was meant to be.

It caught me off guard when Enzo took a single-legged hop to reach me where I stood in the bathroom doorway, getting so close that his chest hairs practically tickled the front of my wrinkled dress. The heat of him stroked me through my clothes, and even though my eyes were blinded with desire, I acknowledged that his admirable member was once again growing hard with arousal.

“Don’t tempt me, Tessa. It was the memory of spanking your fine ass that wound us up here. I thought of you laying on my lap, making my cock swell, me sliding my fingers inside your sweet pussy while you were in that position—it’s what made me come.”

God, I wanted to taste him, to have him in my mouth. It all hit me like a brick wall of lust. I ached to kiss my way up his remaining leg and attempt to shove my lips over his dick. Then I’d ride it and bounce on it while he held my hips for handles, slamming me up and down on that Olympian shaft.

Instead, I came out of my penis trance and said, “It’s late. Better get back to bed.”

I reminded myself I was engaged. Fucking Enzo Drago would be wrong, so incredibly wrong. My feelings for him were so strong, I was afraid they’d take over my entire body.

Walking away from that fine example of a man was the hardest thing I’d ever managed, and I pat my own back about it while unzipping my cocktail-stained dress and climbing under the covers.

Tomorrow is another day.

Or so I told myself while wondering what I would have done if I’d heard Enzo say, “Suck it, Tessa, drink my cum.”

* * *

The next morning, I woke to a bird song outside the window. Fucking countryside. Every damned animal flaunted their springtime mating rituals right in your face. They practically shouted, “I just got laid!” or “I’m about to!”

Nature understood.

Animals didn’t put off what needed tending to. Biological urges were a priority.

A vision of Enzo straining against the counter in the bathroom last night flashed across my mind, his massive shoulder bunching and coiling while he yanked on himself, coaxing out his semen.

Oh my God, I saw him come.

Worse yet, I’d seen him without his leg.

“But why doesn’t he limp?” I wondered out loud.

I observed two horny hummingbirds chase each other outside the window.

He told me to “kiss it better” and he ordered someone else to “suck it.” Were both statements directed at me?

“Wishful thinking,” I declared aloud.

A soft knock jolted me out of my pervy speculation. “Tessa? Coffee’s ready.” He announced in his gravelly voice.

“Okay. Be right out!” The crumpled cocktail dress was stiff against my skin. There was a brush in the bathroom, so I ran it through my hair, and swished my mouth with toothpaste and water.

It was different facing the cold light of day. He had spanked me with a flogger in front of two other men. They’d seen my bare ass. Enzo masturbated to finish while I watched, and the apex of my thighs hadn’t stopped its heated beat ever since.

He wore a light blue button up which contrasted with his dark, Italian features and made him appear the upstanding businessman he was, instead of a male who would leave the door open while jacking himself off.

“You take cream?” He raised a burgundy pitcher.

“Please.” My face heated, and there was an awkward pause between us which we filled with long sips of coffee. “Thank you for coming to my rescue against those three jerks last night.”

He regarded me with suspicious eyes, “If you ask me, it was them who needed rescuing.” Scowling, he said, “You pulled a gun on them, Tessa. In the Diamante.”

“I know. Will you forgive me for being a perpetual fuck up?” I asked.

“Tell you what I will do. I’ll take you home and help you get an update on Bobby’s whereabouts. You don’t want to miss a visit from law enforcement if they stop by the house,” he said. “And another thing…”

These gangsters. It was always the other thing that did you in.

“What’s that?” I asked, smearing my toast with blackberry jam, taking a nice big bite and using my tongue to clean the corners of my mouth of the sweet spread.

He stared at me like I was all he wanted. All he could think about. His eyes clearly honed in on my tongue as it lapped up the purple smears around my lips. I kept chewing, daring him to tell me something as juicy as the sight of him stroking himself.

“Your days for screwing up without consequence are over. First you failed to pay the Dragos rent, and then you let some man expose your breast in a bar.” He reached around and gripped the ample flesh of my ass so hard it almost hurt.

He frowned, and I remained silent, unsure what to say. “Later on, you’re going to let me film you crawling on hands and knees for me, ass wiggling. When I’ve had my fill of that, I’m going to smack your butt, on camera, just to see it ripple. I’ll look at that video whenever I need to come.”

He held up his phone, and I blushed, cursing myself for loving his words and how they made me wet. “Just like last night.” He said, displaying the photo on his phone, which was of me. In the picture, my eyes were closed and my mouth open.

I was wearing the same cocktail dress I had on now. Meaning he took a picture of me when I passed out in his bed.

“Are you saying…” I began.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you,” he interrupted. “I fisted myself to orgasm, pretended you were on your knees before me, and came at the sight of your open mouth. I plan on doing it over and over again.”

I shoved my chair away from the table so fast that the legs scraped and squawked against the floor. “Will you please take me home so I can get an update on Bobby?” If I didn’t leave now, I’d end up begging him to shove his giant, throat-clogger in my mouth.

“As you wish,” he said, not sounding at all upset like I expected. Whenever I made a request Bobby didn’t like, he’d piss and moan or give me the silent treatment—refusing to touch me until he got his way.

Enzo wasn’t fazed by my appeal. “Sure thing. Then we’ll take care of matters at hand.”


“Yes, Tessa. It matters when you’ve been a bad girl.” An amused smile played across his lips. “In fact, I realize now that I’ve done you no favors keeping my distance. I should give you the education only a dominant can. Training that will wipe that bratty little attitude right off your face.”

I felt so weak and turned on listening to his words. They didn’t seem real. In one day, he’d gone from being my platonic protector to someone who wanted me to pull down my panties and have me open my mouth to receive him.

“Well, alrighty then.” I said, snapping my cloth napkin several times in succession and smoothing it into sharp folds on the table, doing the only thing I knew how in an uncomfortable situation like this.

I pretended not to be turned on and instead acted like a smart ass. “Now that I know where you stand, I’ll be a good girl so I get stickers on my reward chart.”

He scrutinized me curiously. “Trust me when I say, Tessa, you’ll learn to crave me telling you what to do. Soon enough you’ll beg me to be rough with you.” He smiled lazily over his own deranged thinking. “If you have energy after our looking into your ex today, I’ll tie you up and tease you until you implore me to release you. And you’re going to love it like a cat loves cream.”

Happy Valentine's Day, Kitty Kat!

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