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Bred By Bone

Bred By Bone

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Nothing in my family upbringing led me to believe one day my family would trade me in marriage to a green, tusked savage. A monster who could squish me in one fist. But on our wedding night, instead of trembling in fear, he made me shiver with lust like an overly passionate pixie.

One day, I stumbled upon a blood drooling, throat snatching fiend in my forest. My first thought was definitely not, “won’t you be my neighbor?” Little did I know then he was my husband to be.

According to my father’s plans to save the realm, that’s exactly what was going down. The orc chieftain came to The Alluring Woods to protect us from the ogre, Uerco. And me? Well, I was his over-the-hill, underperforming prize.

Everything about the arrangement felt monstrous — until I discovered how his unusual tongue and amazing, ahem, appendage made me ovary act.

All my life I heard my half assed flying skills weren’t good enough for a royal fairy. Which was why Zarod’s hugs made me feel ten feet tall. Amid chaos, ogre attacks, and setting up a new outpost, he was there for me.

If only his dreams didn’t take him to places he couldn’t stand to remember. In sleep, his fierce spirit quaked with terror. All the while I wondered, would he return to his nomadic lifestyle, leaving me behind, when he found out my breeding days were over?

As an orc wife, surrounded by “savages” built for war, I shone brighter than ever before. And though I once thought my womb had gone the way of the now extinct frog ferret, my husband’s special talents made me greedy and needy in a way I no longer believed possible.

The question was, would I be able to keep him once my secrets caught up to me?

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