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Deep-sea diver left for dead. A speechless siren finds him on the
deserted strand. A guy who battles sharks, near drowning, and oozes
Eric García
The waves of fate tossed him up on the shores of my solitude, and for the
first time since the collision, I feel safe.
A man who swims in the ocean depths, fearing nothing. Mentally and
physically fit. He wants me to talk again. Why would he understand that I’ve
stayed protected from the heartlessness of humans only by remaining here
on the abandoned shore of the Pacific Ocean? Hiding. Silent.
He’s rough. Bold. And insists that I call him “daddy”. But how can I when a
horrible incident took my words away forever?
Beneath the steely surface lies a devoted and gentle heart that I don’t want
to disappoint - one that needs to claim me as his.
No way am I going back to village with him so he can spoil me like he says
I deserve. Even though his firm hand and punishments make me squirm, in
a good way, this won’t work.
I’m an unusual girl, twenty years his junior, who earns her living selling
shellfish. The laughingstock of Briarville. Eric doesn’t know about the deal I
sealed for my aunt’s silence - an arrangement I’d ruin by showing my face
in town.
His kisses set off a sharp, wild need in me, and I hope that mine tell him
without speech that I love him.
He demands that I’m his. But I realize this desire burning between us won’t
survive the ugly that flourishes where the people are.

From USA TODAY Bestseller, Olivia Fox, comes this age gap, spicy
romance. Claimed is part of her Dirty Fairy Tales series, inspired by The
Little Mermaid. Each book is a standalone, naughty ever after.

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This book does not feature age play, pacis or Pull-Ups®. It features
a significant age gap.

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star review says is, “Hot, Hot, HOT! If you want full on steam and
hotness... READ THIS! Full on alpha male goodness, and guaranteed HEA. Highly recommended!”
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