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Commanding Thirst

Commanding Thirst

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Commanding Thirst: Mafia Romance (Rough Redemption Book 2)
Made Man, Antonio Drago forgot most of what he learned in school — but bookworm Daphne Pruitt swallows him up heart and soul in this second chance, mafia romance. 


Ever since walking her home every day from school, I fell hard for her.

It was wrong then, but now she’s of age.

And she needs my help again.

Her sister’s in deep with the Cartel, and has gone missing.

Right on schedule, it’s Daphne’s job to save her.

It’s time someone took care of my baby girl for a change.

I never professed to be above bribery, and I'm a dark devil after all, because once I specify my demands, I can no longer resist her.

Right then I know I’ll shock the hell out of her like I’ve been wanting to do since that first day I walked her home from high school.

I admitted it.

I’m a dirty, rotten scoundrel.

The question is, will she forgive me?


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