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Daddy’s Kitten

Daddy’s Kitten

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Daddy's Kitten (Lost Coast Daddies Romance Book 6)
A suffering innocent. A grieving gangster. Can their love fill them up
so they’ll never feel empty again?


I’m trailer trash, and he’s what passes for royalty in Briarville.

With a barren bank account, and nowhere to go, the rumble of a voice in
the grocery store hits me in a way that ramps up my pulse and makes it
impossible to steady myself.

My mind is a crazy mixture of fear, yes... but the powerful, well-muscled
body that passes me and walks through the front doors fills me with
something like hope.

And that’s a delight I almost didn’t recognize.

Turns out, he’s been observing me all along, but my eyes were too fixed on
the ground to ever notice.

That same day, he plucks me out of my bargain basement existence, away
from my deceiving father.

I’ve got a new life now, and it seems all my dreams have come true.

At Lorenzo’s side, every shadow is erased from my heart. He takes me to a
secret rooftop hideaway, where the stars run the show, and nothing
disrupts their peace as they beam their sparkle down to the river.

Only the tentacles of time are far-reaching and fearless, threatening to yank
me backward into the world that once squashed my soul.

Can I escape?

Or will the chains of my past drag me below the surface, drowning me in
misery and squalor again?

If so, my daddy will be banished back to his old life — one full of danger.

As soon as my actions return him to the scene of the crime, there will be a

If I’m no longer his, that will be punishment enough.

But what if a deadly assassin is the only one who can save me?

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