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Daddy Esquire

Daddy Esquire

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Daddy Esquire: Older Man Younger Woman Age Gap Billionaire Romance (Silver Fox Daddy Book 1)

Sugar daddy? Dominating daddy? Daddy of my dreams?

This silver fox checks all my boxes.

Twenty-seven years older. Check.

Classy. Check.

Commanding. Check to the hell yeah, check!

The farming and ranching boys my age are okay for a roll in the hay.

But I’m looking for someone on FetLife who will discipline me and tell me I’m a "good girl".

Someone like him.
Internet personalities are not always what they seem. I learned that the hard way.
But when I meet Arthur in real life, I discover he is everything his online pics promised and he is going to do much more than make me call him “Daddy”.

He’s going to teach me to be a very badly behaved girl indeed.
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