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My Merry Minotaur

My Merry Minotaur

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"Do you not like my tongue on you?"
My mom has grandbaby fever. She won’t get off my back about wanting me to settle down!

It’s only gotten worse since I had to call off my wedding with my gold-digging ex. Mother believes my evil ex’s lies and wants me to get back together with her. But I don’t want to ever trust Xelpria— or any other woman!— ever again. I avoid relationships and only have one-night-stands now. And as a successful, attractive minotaur, there are plenty to be had.

But my realm's Winter Solstice ball is coming up and Mother has her heart set on me going with Lady Xelpria. My best friend suggests I tell my mom there’s someone new in my life, and bring her to the ball at the castle with me as my fake fianceé. That way my new “relationship status” will be very clear to both my mom and my ex. And hopefully both of them will leave me alone about us getting back together!

We're talking about this at a pub, when a human baker overhears. She just happens to be the very same gorgeous, curvy goddess I can’t stop fantasizing about! And she agrees to play the role for me after my friend suggests it. Now I have a solution to my ex problem, but I might have a new one. Because I might be falling for Camilia, my fake fiancée. And I don’t fall for anyone — do I??

Gads — could she even accommodate the size of me? Or am I lusting after something that's physically impossible? Whatever the case, she stirs the beast in me, and I will possess her beauty.
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