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Punishing Thirst

Punishing Thirst

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Grumpy Hero Dante Drago saves the day — for a price — he demands Savanna López stand in as his Fake Fiancé in this steamy Mafia Romance.

She needs rescuing, but the very thought of having Savanna caged up, beholden to me, makes my pulse quicken and certain parts of my anatomy swell.
From the second I meet her, I know I’ll devour her faster than a piece of the delicious carrot cake she makes.
She’s on the run.
I’ll keep her secret, but she owes me one.
The only problem with my plan is that it backfires.
Now she has my baby inside her, and there are two people to look after instead of one.
Lord knows, I’m no angel.
But I have to defend her, and keep our baby safe.

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