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Bestselling PAPERBACK Silver Fox Daddy Romance Series 40% OFF!

Bestselling PAPERBACK Silver Fox Daddy Romance Series 40% OFF!


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Excerpt Daddy Crush

My best friend’s daughter, is everything I can't have.

But when she needs protection, I have to step in. Question is, can I really resist her now that she's sleeping under my roof?

“Clover, I want to be honest with you about this thing between us,” I began.

“I’m not like most men. I have... desires that are different.” Her face softened, and she leaned forward, her hand gently clasping mine.

“So, you admit there is a thing?” I knew it was easier to avoid temptation than to resist it, and should have known better than to ask her out to dinner.

Sit across from her while she wore that stunning dress that made all the blood in my body rush to my groin. The air between us suddenly electrified.

I didn’t know if I was making the correct decision, but it was the only one that felt right, so I took a deep breath and braced myself for what might follow. I hesitated, then told her exactly what it meant.

My voice was low, intimate, and full of dark promise. “I like control in relationships, which is why when you sass me, I have the urge to discipline you.”

Be a good girl, find out what happens next in Daddy Crush and the other books in this bestselling series.


Look Inside Chapter One - Daddy Esquire


You discover the Daddy you've been following online lives in
the same small town as you when the voice behind you is deep, naturally hoarse,
and makes your entire body overheat as you stand in line for your coffee.

"You're her. The girl in the photos, aren't you?"

You snap your neck around to discover a handsome silver fox,
and he's talking about the secret worn around your neck. You try to cover the necklace he’s staring at because it’s the same one you have on in your faceless profile on the site for people who think vanilla only belongs in the kitchen. 

Next, he rolls up his sleeves and reveals the unique tattoo
you’ve memorized from his profile. You can’t think straight with his heated gaze on you. "Forgive my probing. Occupational hazard."

"What's that?" You ask, curious.

"I’m an attorney, chasing a line of questioning is the best way to succeed in trial. The holy grail to achieving client

You try to sound nonchalant, "But I'm not your client."

His hand slides up yours and squeezes your wrist, making your heart race. "No, you're not," He murmurs, his eyes smoldering with intensity. "But your satisfaction is of utmost importance to me."

You stiffen, momentarily abashed, and he reassures you,
“Don’t be ashamed. I can tell you’re a good girl. You’ll earn every reward I give you.”

When he asks you out to the fanciest restaurant in town you
wonder what he’ll think about the far-from-innocent thoughts you’ve had about him.

Find out what happens next in Daddy Esquire, this age gap
billionaire romance, and the other 12 books in this bestselling offer.

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Get 6 Books in This Bestselling Complete Daddy Dom Romance Series, One Amazing Price - 40% OFF in This Limited Time Offer. Normally $96.00 now ONLY $55.95!!!

Get Daddy Crush and five more books in the Silver Fox Daddy series (all stand alone reads), Including Olivia's newest release!!!

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"So glad I bought this because I will be reading them again and again!” ★★★★★ stars - DD Perry

"This book was everything I wanted in their story. Filthy yet sweet!!" ★★★★★ stars - Leonora P.

"This entire series is an outstanding read, and Ms. Fox can't write them fast enough for me!”★★★★★ stars - Jennifer Jameson

SIX bestselling daddy dom romances for ONE low price! 

Books Included In Bundle:

  1.  Daddy Esquire
  2.  Daddy Issues
  3.  Daddy Says
  4.  My Daddy
  5.  Daddy Crush 
  6. Daddy on Fire
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