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Wrangler (Cowboy Daddy, Book 1)

Wrangler (Cowboy Daddy, Book 1)

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At 45, I meet my dead husband's mistress in the morgue.

Crippled by grief and fleeing from the uproar of gossip surrounding me, I seek refuge in a little-known paradise with wild shores and verdant valleys. Perfectly concealed from prying eyes, it's so far off the beaten path I need a compass and machete to find it.

When my plan bursts along with my pipes, I'm ready to call it quits.

That’s when jaw-dropping, panty-melting Wyatt Sullivan waltzes in and offers me a place to stay. Like a moth to flame, I can't resist his appeal, so we’re living together until my bungalow is repaired.

Is forty-something too old to learn new tricks?

If so, why does it feel natural when Mr. Sex-on-a-stick introduces me to the secrets of forbidden pleasure?

His adept hand commands me to focus on punishments, rewards, and the delicate art of being a good girl. His strict requirements are a struggle for a hot mess like me. So, how can I possibly satisfy him?

Do as I’m told, of course.

The unwritten order of Cowboy Cove is one hat, two hearts, endless ways to ride. I seize this hottie's Stetson with both hands and consent to the adventures it guarantees. There's something deeper beneath it all that tempts me to break out of my comfort zone.

Will our explosive chemistry spark an inferno that scorches what's left of my shattered spirit?

Can I resist Wyatt's seductive power and protect myself from being hurt again? Or should I surrender completely and say, "Yes, daddy"?

I tell myself I'm a woman who can't be tamed. Even if he makes me burn with desire I haven’t felt in years. 

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